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83% of consumers trust UGC more than advertising (Nielsen)

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    Allow your customers to take part, whether they are on-site (event, in-store) or online

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    Amplify your event impact and increase your brand awareness by multiplying visual content about your brand

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    Integrate brand content on your Social Gallery

Interactive Gif Gallery Coca-Cola


The Coca-cola Interactive Gallery is displayed inside the Accord Hotel Arena and on a dedicated website. The particularity of the Social Gallery being that it displays Gifs. Visitors can create them directly on a booth on-site or send them from the dedicated website.

Social Gallery on website Estée Lauder


The Headoo API feeds a Social Gallery designed and created by Estée Lauder and Cosmopolitan. 3 types of contents are collected :

  • UGC from Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #Iambeauty
  • Street photography from Social Photographers
  • Estée Lauder products and information.

Each month, 5800 contents and 130 email addresses are collected by Headoo.

Social Wall KFC


To amplify the opening of a new KFC restaurant in Blois, Caméléon agency equipped the restaurant with a Social Wall on a screen. The restaurant is producing 10 contents per day and has generated 123.000 impressions on social media within 3 months. The screen displays users’ pictures and KFC advertising."

Social Gallery JAO

A Social Gallery was created for the 2016 Open Agencies Day in Paris. Two different content feeds were displayed : #JAO2016 contents from Instagram and Twitter; and pictures taken by connected hostesses. All contents were moderated from the Headoo back office. The Social Gallery was displayed on screens within the agencies and on the JAO 2016 website. 4600 contents were created during this day, generating 872000 impressions on social media.

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